General Order No 11




Plaques honoring John A. Logan’s General Order No. 11 issued May 5, 1868 can be found from Boston to Los Angeles. Logan issued this order, also known as his "Memorial Day Order" while Commander-in-Chief of the Grand Army of the Republic.  This order established Memorial Day as a national holiday.  The plaques were placed from 1926 to at least the early 1940s.


     Mboro plaque 100

   Located in Jackson County Courthouse

  Murphysboro Illinois





The National Woman’s Relief Corps, Auxiliary to the Grand Army of the Republic, Inc., was organized on July 25 and 26, 1883 in Denver, Colorado at the request of the GAR.  It was incorporated by Public Act of the 87th Congress on September 7, 1962.






In 1925, Mary "Dollie" Logan, General Logan's daughter, suggested to the Woman's Relief Corps (WRC), an auxiliary of the Grand Army of the Republic, (GAR) that they place plaques engraved or embossed with General Order # 11 in various sites throughout the Nation.  The WRC began to place plaques honoring Lincoln's Gettysburg Address and General Order No. 11 in every state.







An article in a 1927 Decatur (Illinois) Evening Herald does not give a date but states that the first plaques cast were placed in the Piatt County, Illinois Court House in Monticello, Illinois.  The article also announced a plaque dedication in the Macon County court House in Decatur on the morning of April 6, 1927, and a second dedication in the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield that afternoon.
  Decatur Macon Co.  100                  






The museum is still searching for the date the marble plaque honoring Logan's General Order No. 11 was placed in the Memorial Amphitheater. 












In 1926, John b. Inman, Commander of the Department of Illinois GAR, announced that the War Department had authorized the placement of a Logan Memorial Day tablet at the Memorial Amphitheater in Arlington national Cemetery.  The WRC agreed to cover the costs of this marker.  A decade passed and nothing was done.  In 1936, Congress passed a resolution authorizing its placement.  Two additonal decades passed and nothing happened.  Mrs. Augusta Milligan, the dinner speaker at the Carbondale Illinois Business and Professional Women's Club March 1956 meeting, urged its members to "reactivate" the project.  Milligan, who had worked on the staff of Illinois Senator Paul Douglas "for a number of years" reported the designs for the plaque had been prepared by the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts - but it had never been installed. 











There is no complete record of how many Logan Memorial Day markers were placed or log of their locations.  The General John A Logan Museum invites the public to join a nationwide 'Scavenger Hunt' to locate and photograph the markers that still exist.  Keep an eye out for them as you travel! 




  0001 Book marks 100   





Please contact the museum if you locate one.


Join the “Scavenger Hunt” and help the museum discover more about Logan and the story of Memorial Day!  If you send us a photo of one of the markers we have not yet catalogued, we will send to you a Centennial Logan Days bookmark souvenir! 















Los Angeles in 1927 in Bob Hope Patrictic Hall 

Sacramento in 1928 in Capitol Rotunda 





Denver in 1927 on the State Capitol grounds 









Miami in 1929 in Woodlawn Cemetery





Andersonville in 1929 Andersonville National Historic           Site





Boise in 1928 in State Capitol Building



Chicago in ? in the Chicago Public Library

Decatur in 1927 in the Macon County Court House

Monticello in 1926 in the Piatt County Court House

Murphysboro in 1930 in the Jackson County Court            House

New Salem in 1940 now in the Illinois State Military        Museum in Springfield

Springfield in 1927 in the State Capitol Building




Des Moines in 1927 in the State Capitol Rotunda

Iowa City in ? on the grounds of the Johnson County         Court House



Jennings in 1927 in the Carnegie Library



Andover in 1928 in the Memorial Hall Library 

Boston in 1928 in the State House



Grand Rapids in ? location not known

Lansing in 1929 in the State Capitol rotunda