The General John A. Logan Museum's permanent exhibit chronicles Logan's life from his birth in 1826 in rural "Egypt" [Southern Illinois] to his death in Washington D.C. in 1886. It fills six rooms and is divided into four themes:
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"Young Logan" focuses on how, not just his parents, but also his residence in "Egypt" create his ambitions and influenced his beliefs concerning race and politics.
"Logan the Democrat" tells the story of how Logan embraced his Jacksonian Democratic roots and of his ten year rise from County Clerk of Jackson County to Illinois Representative to U. S. Congressman from Illinois' Ninth Congressional District. 





Photo courtesy of National Park Service. 
"William T. Sherman and Five of His Generals"

L-R: O. O. Howard, John A. Logan, W. B. Hazen,

Sherman, Jefferson C. Davis, and H. W. Slocum











"The Civil War" chronicles Logan's rise from a Colonel leading the 31st Illinois Infantry Regiment to a Major General commanding the Army of the Tennessee.  It also addresses the evolution of his personal and political beliefs concerning slavery and the war.




"Logan the Republican" follows Logan's return to politics as a Republican, his involvement in President Johnson's impeachement, his creation of Memorial Day as a national holiday, and his presidential hopes which were cut short by his sudden death. 
The museum also hosts temporary exhibits examining the Civil War and its effect on everyday life and politics well into the 20th century.
All of the museum's exhibits are accompanied by related artifacts which provide a touchstone to the past.  These artifacts come not just from the Museum's collection but also on loan from the Illinois State Military Museum in Springfield.