Welcome to the General John A. Logan Museum.  I was born in 1826 just 150 or so yards southwest of here but that home burned down. I am honored this museum is dedicated to telling my story and this little tour is a chance for you to hear my story in my words. In each room, you will find a different chapter of my life is on display. Look for a number in the lower right hand corner of each sign; these numbers match the stories you will find here in this personal tour.  

Allow me to also welcome you to Southern Illinois, still known as Egypt, like that fabled land from biblical times the people of Central and Northern Illinois had to travel down to Egypt to get grain after the disastrous winter of 1831-32. There is also a rumor, I don’t believe it of course, that they called it Egypt because of its pro-slavery attitudes and the ignorance of its inhabitants. Present company alone disputes that last point.


2. Logan's Portrait