This is my favorite portrait. If a portrait can capture the character of a man, what does this portrait say to you about this man? In a few words, I rose from what was then the wilderness of Southern Illinois to a seat of power in Washington City, a lawyer, a soldier, a husband and father, a prosecutor, representative in both the state of Illinois and the Federal Congress, Civil War Major General, Senator, and Vice-Presidential candidate. This portrait gives more than a hint of the character that rose from this humble town to within a few steps of the White House. 

And of course, I could not have achieved any of this without the loving support of my family. This family portrait to the right includes my wife Mary, and my children Dollie and Manning.  The photo was always a favorite of Mary’s. It was taken in 1871 after I won a seat in the Senate and we moved to Chicago.  Do you see the love in those eyes? How young we all were then, if only we knew of the adventures ahead.  

On the wall to the left are photographs of the soldiers I fought with, my "boys" were like family. They saved the Union. So many of them gave their lives for this nation. 


3. Young Jack